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Our high quality church friendship registers or church visitor registers are second-to-none.  Kremer Publications has spent a considerable amount of research choosing the most durable vinyl covers for a long lasting friendship register.  Our church friendship registers and visitor registers can include custom registration pads, friendship or visitor register pens, and vinyl inserts for calling cards, and other church evangelism materials.

Three Ring Friendship Register

Avaliable in Blue and Burgundy


The 3-ring Friendship Register binder holds approximately 100 sheets printed in two color.  Folder size is 6"x9". A clear vinyl insert piece is also available that holds a pen and church calling cards or service time cards. NOTE: 3-ring binder covers may NOT be imprinted with the church name.


Available in burgundy or blue cover.  Ask for a free sample at 1-800-669-0887. Insert sheets come in packages of 500 each (sold separately).

Vinyl Friendship Register

Avaliable in Black and Red


The vinyl holder has Friendship Register imprinted in gold on the front cover. Cover includes a pen slot and measures 6" x 9". Holder accommodates a 50-sheet insert pad. Covers, pads, and pens are sold separately.  All vinyl covers are reinforced with a non-tear fabric inserted in the spine for extradurability (includes pen holder).

Three Ring Insert Sheets


Generic wording of three hole punched Friendship Register pads.

Printed in two color. Packs of 500.


Vinyl Friendship Register Pads

$1.80 per pad

Friendship Register Pen

(For 3 Ring Registers)

$0.65 each

Pen is imprinted with the words "Friendship Register"

Friendship Register Pen

(For Vinyl Registers)

$0.65 each

Pen is imprinted with the words "Friendship Register"

Three Ring Plastic Pocket


Clear vinyl pocket insert for pen and calling card.

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