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Baptism Certificate

$7.00 each ($84.00 for pack of 12)

The personalized baptism certificate is a two sheet certificate.  The cover sheet displays a red foil dove and the inside sheet contains the baptismal certificate information. The two sheets are held together with a gold elastic cord.

Because this is a personalized baptism certificate, you may select "Standard Wording" or "Legal Wording" (includes space for parent's names, hospital, etc) when ordering.


Personalized Baptismal Plaque

(Baptism Gift)


An ideal keepsake!  The personalized baptism plaque is a unique baptism gift.  This 8" x 10" baptism plaque has two holes cut in the matte - one for a parchment sheet containing the sponsor or witness baptism information, the other for display of the baptism napkin. Mattes are available in black or red. Wood frames include the glass and a saw-tooth hanger.


Specify Red or Black matte.  Price does not include baptismal napkin.


Baptism Candle

Model: Beeswax Candle


The Kremer Publications baptism candle displays a red dove.

The baptismal candles are made of 51% beeswax.

Size: 9 in. x 11/16 in.

(Candle stand not included.)

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